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As listed below are a few of the frequently asked questions we received regarding our unique products:


How long has Rain International been around?

Rain International has provided groundbreaking research and revolutionary nutritional supplement products to millions since 2011.


Is Rain International a partner to larger, parent company?

No, Rain International is a fully independent international entity with the freedom and ability to distribute our Seed Nutritive infused products across the globe! Thanks to recent acquisitions and continued impressive growth, our unique products are available to areas including North America, Asia, Europe and elsewhere.


Why choose us?

Rain president and founder, Byron Belka, is an ex-distributor in the network marketing industry who excelled to expert echelons. With more than 10 years in direct sales, Byron worked across the globe establishing teams of thousands who’ve earned over $100 million. With the creation of Soul, Rain’s flagship product, Byron not only built a product that has had dramatic health benefits for people around the world, he opened a new category of wellness products that is quickly revolutionizing health and generating wealth.

Our executive team was built by Byron for its outstanding experience, synergistic skill set, and dogged dedication to Rain’s philosophy – it’s not about whether life’s cup is half full or half empty, it’s about being one who always fills it up. It’s that belief which keeps us accountable to the name Rain (that everything we do fills cups) and drives us toward triumph and transparency.


Are Rain’s products GMO approved?

GMO is an acronym for ‘genetically modified organism’. This product contains seeds which are non-GMO and was approved by 100% genetically unmodified human beings.


How do I consume it?

How to drink Rain Soul

Am I supposed to mix the products with something or take them by themselves?

You can take each product as it is. But since they taste good, some of our customers have been known to put it on toast, in smoothies, eat it frozen, etc.


What would be more beneficial, taking Soul on an empty stomach or with foods?

It honestly doesn’t matter as long as you aren’t dehydrated while taking it. Many vitamins and minerals are water soluble, so it maximizes the benefits to be hydrated while taking Soul.


Will Soul help me with my health problems? What types of things do they heal?

While Soul cannot claim to cure anything, it definitely can help promote health. In fact, almost no product “cures” illness–the body does. Soul gives needed nutrition to the body so it is able to maintain its own health.


Where do the seeds come from?

We source our seeds from non-GMO farms all over the world. Our seeds tell us travel is one of their favorite parts of the job.


Where are the products made?

The product is made in Springville, UT at Innovative Flexpak, a top-of-the-line manufacturing and packaging facility with a reputation for quality.
How long before the product expires?

Our products will last until the date on the package, or about 18 months, without any unnatural preservatives!


Can I apply Soul to my skin?

As a dietary supplement, Soul was formulated for eating, and its safety and efficacy have only been studied for ingestion. Please consult your healthcare provider for any off-label use.

Can I give Soul to my pet?

This one’s tricky. Each animal has distinct dietary restrictions determined by nature. Since Soul was created with humans in mind, you’d better check to make sure its ingredients are good for your pet.


Are our products Vegan?

Yes! (And gluten free too.)


And please find out more FAQs at rain international main website.